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I have purchased call recording, but it is not working?

Last updated by Miranda Catlin on August 02, 2016 09:09

Thank you for purchasing our Call Recording feature. This enables you to record your inbound calls and the system then emails the conversation to you. You can also listen to the calls via your online account. (Call Recording incurs a 2ppm charge)

At the moment the feature is available but inactive within your online account.

In order to activate it, please log on to your online account. Simply click on the ‘Management’ tab, and the select ‘Manage Numbers’, which will take you to a list of the numbers you have with us. Against each number, there is a + symbol. Click on this and it will bring up a list of features that you can have with each number. Next to your call recording feature it will say ’This facility is available but inactive (show details)’. If you click on ‘show details’, it will allow you to add an email address to send the call recording to. It will also allow you select an email subject template and also what is played to the customer if the call recording is paused and resumed by you.

In order for your call recording feature work, you must also click on the play arrow, otherwise it will remain paused.