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How do I transfer a number from one account to another?

Last updated by Miranda Catlin on April 11, 2017 10:01

In order to transfer a number from one account to another, a transfer fee of £25+VAT (per number) would have to be paid. It can either be paid by yourself or the new customer. 

We will require the request to be sent from the registered email address for your account. The receiving party needs to sign up for an account using this link: https://www.barritel.com/account_btl.php 

Please then email us back with the following details: 

- New account number: 

- Number(s) to be moved: 

- Destination number: 

- Facilities required for the number:

Please email this information, and confirmation of which party will be paying the transfer fee to accounts@barritel. When we have all this information we will raise the invoice for the transfer. Once this has been paid, the number(s) will be transferred within one working day (please note: Transfers are not processed on Friday/Saturday/Sunday) 

If you have any further queries then please contact us on 0345 475 8804.