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Need to see names in Dayparting instead of numbers?

Last updated by Annabel Bowe on September 30, 2019 08:38

The easiest way to do this is to use route plans.

Route plans are free and allow you to create up to 5 destinations numbers that are tried one after the other if the former number isn't answered or is busy.

In this example we have a route plan that has calls going to Dave on his landline and if they aren't answered, go across to Emma on her mobile.

Now we want to use this in Dayparting to allow calls to only go to them between 9am and 6pm Mon to Fri and all day Saturday.

So we choose a route plan instead of specifying a number..

You can save a Route Plan with 1 number in it or up to 5 numbers. The important thing here is why.

You can give your Route Plan a name. When you then use your Route Plan as the termination method or within Day Parting you are then easily able to see the name of the Route Plan instead of the number.

It's a lot easier seeing "Dave's Home Number" in a long list when trying to figure out whose number belongs to who?!

You can also add our voicemail service and use it within a Route Plan for added flexibility!