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Why does my bill show that I am not getting all my bundle calls included even though I have used more than my bundle?

Last updated by Lauren Walker on October 05, 2017 10:33

If it looks like you are not getting all your bundle calls included, it could be because calls are charged in 2 parts. 

The first part is the call coming in to your number (this cost is higher if you have an 080 number and the call is generated from a mobile), the second part is the call routing through to the destination number. 

Sometimes, both parts of these calls come out of your bundle, and sometimes only one part can. 

This results in your invoice showing that a certain number of minutes were totally covered by your bundle, and a certain number of minutes were only partly covered by your bundle. 

An example of this is where a call points through to a mobile – The incoming part of the call can come out of your bundle minutes, whereas the part of the call routing to the mobile does not. 

Don’t worry, when we quote you costs to point calls, we are quoting you for both parts of this call and therefore you are not being overcharged in any way. In fact you are getting parts of calls included which wouldn’t normally be! If you would like us to review your tariff, please call us on 0345 475 8802 or email us at customerservices@barritel.com with your request.