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How do I set up a Route plan?

Last updated by Miranda Catlin on June 02, 2016 11:31

Our Route Plans allow you to specify numbers that a call can be routed to if it is not answered within a certain time period. You set the route plan yourself within your online account, and can set it to try several destinations until it is answered. You also set the amount of time that it tries each number for. 

There is no set up or monthly cost for the Route Plan. The only requirement would be that the destination numbers are all UK landlines, but if you wanted to route through to a different type of number (e.g. mobile, international, voicemail etc.), then you would need to have or purchase the appropriate facility for that, which would also incur charges. 

In order to set up a route plan, firstly,

- Log in to your online account at www.barritel.com.

- Then select the 'Management' tab at the top. 

- Click on 'Route Plans', which will take you to the route plan set up area. 

- Click on 'Add new', then on the right hand side there is a box to name your Route Plan. 

- Name it whatever you want (you may wish to set up several different Route Plans to allow for holidays etc.). 

- Type in the first destination number. Then put the amount of seconds that you want it to try for before moving on to the next destination number. 

- Once this line is complete, click 'Add Line', and type in the next destination number and duration. - Continue until you are happy with the Route Plan, and then click 'Save'.

You may wish to set the duration of the last number to 'No Timeout'.

Once you have set your Route Plan(s), and you are ready to use one, you will need to tell the system to route through to a route plan, rather than the single destination number you have it set to now. To do this,

- Click on the 'Management' tab within your online account, and then 'Manage Numbers'. 

- You will see your 0xxx number, with various termination method symbols and your current destination number beside this on the right. 

- Click on the arrow symbol which will then allow you to select one of your route plans from the drop down box. 

- Once you have selected the one that you want, click 'Save' which will update almost immediately.

If you would prefer us to talk you through setting this up, please call us on 0345 475 8802.