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How do I set up Day Parting?

Last updated by Annabel Bowe on June 02, 2016 10:52

Day Parting is often known as Time of Day routing.

In order to use Day Parting, you will need to purchase the day parting feature in your online account.

- Click on ‘Management’ and the ‘Manage Numbers’.
- Then click on the + symbol on the left hand side of the number you want to have day parting for.

You will be advised of the costs of this feature and then be able to add it to your cart. You will then be able to follow the prompts to purchase it.

To set up day partings, you need to go into your online account and click on the ‘Management’ tab.
You would then select ‘Day Parting’.

To add a new Day Parting, click ‘Add New’.
- Type in the name you want to call the day parting on the left hand side
- Then select either ‘Simple (three day mode)’ or ‘Advanced (seven day mode)’, depending on whether you want every weekday to be the same or different.
- Now you will need to type in the destination you would like the Day Parting to use.

This can be a single destination number, or a route plan or a voicemail. Each number or number type will be given it’s own colour. Repeat this as many times as you need to, to include all destinations required for this day parting.

Once all the numbers have been inserted, you will need to drag the colour against the number you want to use into the day/times of day blocks on the left. If you want to change the blocks, you can drag the lines left or right to make the block longer or shorter.

Once you have set up the day partings, you will be able to activate them by:

- Going back into the ‘Management’ tab.
- Then click ‘Manage Numbers’. If the number you want to set the day parting has the feature already, you will see the day parting symbol within the termination methods (you can see this by hovering over the symbols).
- Click on the one for day parting, and it will then allow you to select the day parting (by name).
- Then click save.

If you do not have the feature, the day parting symbol won’t be there. In which case, please see notes above to purchase the feature.